The Alan Brown Trophy

Alan was an enthusiastic sponsor of the band; a musician himself, he understood the hard work and dedication that is required to rehearse and perform a piece of music. He wanted to give the members of the band a goal to aim for, and thus was borne the Alan Brown trophy. Each year before the Spring Concert every member of the band is given a voting slip; on this they must make a first and second choice (in case of a tie) of band member who they feel has excelled musically through the year – the guidance given is ‘the player’s player’.

Winners of the Alan Brown Trophy

2001 – Dave Garwood (Euphonium)2010 – Brenda Cox (Cornet)2019 – Richard Everett (Trombone)
2002 – Pauline Ivins (Cornet)2011 – Gill Elliott (Soprano Cornet)
2003 – Dave Meekings (Cornet)2012 – Helen Maguire (Cornet)
2004 – Brenda Cox (Baritone)2013 – Richard Everett (Trombone)
2005 – Roger Stickland (Bass)2014 – David Steele (Bass)
2006 – Mike Nagle (Percussion)2015 – Oliver Barton (Drums) &
  Reanne Phillips (Tenor Horn)
2007 – Jack Muir (Cornet)2016 – Ted Cull (Cornet)
2008 – Ted Cull (Cornet)2017 – Dave Meekings (Cornet)
2009 – Alan Spiers
  (Trombone, Euphonium, Eb Bass)
2018 – Lesley Seaton (Baritone)