Graham Davey

As the son of Salvation Army parents I could not avoid banding! I started to learn to play a cornet, aged about 7, at the Salvation Army in Twickenham where my dad was the bandmaster (He was also an accomplished trombone player) .
I have, at one stage or another, attempted to play nearly every instrument in a brass band. The only ones I haven’t tried are soprano cornet, flugel horn, percussion and Bb bass but I have had a go on the sousaphone! While I was at University I played with Nottingham Memorial Halls band and it was in Nottingham that I met Jan, my wife. After our marriage, in 1973, we returned to Twickenham then in the late-70s moved to Woking and I played with Woking Salvation Army band.
I left the SA in 1981 and did not play again until 1993 when the then Musical Director of Almac Bisley Brass Band, Peter Stickland, (who I had first met at Woking SA) persuaded me to join the Band.  I have been here ever since firstly on trombone then euphonium.
I still have a lot to learn about playing a brass instrument competently. Fortunately, this is a friendly, supportive and tolerant band, so I get away with it! And I thoroughly enjoy it!