The Douglas Pope Trophy

Lt. Col. Douglas Pope was a very well known man in the Military Band arena. He was the Chairman of the Bisley Parish Council from 1976 until 1978 and the President of the Bisley Office Equipment Silver Band (that’s us!). He did many musical arrangements, some of which we still play – Trombones to the Fore being a good example. The Parish Council wanted to remember Douglas Pope within Bisley, and as he was so closely linked with our band they suggested that we have a Douglas Pope Memorial Trophy. This trophy is presented every year at the Christmas concert. The recipient is chosen by the Musical Director as the player who has made the best contribution over the year to the band as a whole; and as Peter Stickland delighted in saying, the winner is not necessarily chosen for their musical ability….

Winners of the Douglas Pope Trophy

1984 – Chris Powell1993 – Stan Morhall2002 – David Steele2011 – Ruth Barker
1985 – Joyce Tamplin1994 – Jack Muir2003 – Ted Cull2012 – Roger Stickland
1986 – Len Tamplin1995 – Pat Steele2004 – Richard Everett2013 – Eric Oakley
1987 – Helen Cox1996 – Margaret Emberson2005 – Pauline Wilde2014 – Jack Muir
1988 – Stephanie Cox
1997 – Vanessa Phillips2006 – Dave Garwood2015 – Pat Steele
1989 – Bob Frost1998 – Martin Ivins2007 – Derrick Curtis & Pauline Ivins2016 – Helen Maguire
1990 – Brenda Cox1999 – Mike Cadwallader2008 – Gill Elliott2017 – Roger Stickland
1991 – Pauline Ivins2000 – George Fortescue2009 – Allan Fippard2018 – Alastair Nixon
1992 – Russ Rousell2001 – Derrick Curtis2010 – Graham Davey